Practicing Handwriting

handwritingWith five kids learning at home- five different grade levels, five different learning styles, five different interest motivators- I was constantly on the workbook lookout. As we did hands on activities, I would fill in with workbooks when someone wasn’t interested and others were, when someone finished quickly and others made an elaborate project out of the activity, or when it became obvious that a certain subject was way over the head of the younger guys but the girls wanted to press on.

Eventually I became more confident in teaching, planning and organizing and began to look for opportunities to give up the workbooks and use other means to overlap important disciplines. I found the Bible to be a great source for this.

Using verses that were individually applicable to each child, I developed custom handwriting assignments. On Monday they would each get a writing paper with a verse at the top. For the rest of the week they would copy that verse, in print and cursive-  learning God’s Word, building godly character, practicing good penmanship.

I was reminded of these elementary years of establishing fine motor skills and exploring the art of handwriting not too long ago. My daughter, home for break from college, was up early. As she headed for the coffee she noticed that I was copying Scripture into my journal. Sleepily she asked,

“What are you doing? Practicing Handwriting?”

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