Mark Driscoll gives almost good parenting advice…

Tim Fall posted a great article today. He gave me permission to share it with you as it touches the heart of parents to the very core:


You’re [sic] little kids may not feel like a blessing right now. That’s okay. Parent them in such a way that they become a blessing. (A tweet from Mark Driscoll.)

I could take Mr. Driscoll’s tweet a couple different ways.

One is as encouragement to be faithful in raising your children even if you don’t see the fruit of your faithfulness in their lives. That would be good advice, because the Bible is full of instances where people kept serving God despite not knowing whether they were making a difference or not.

The second way to take his advice is truer to the context, and not at all as good as the advice in the first way to take it.

You see, he didn’t say “Parent them in such a way that you are faithful to the task God has given you as their parents.” He said “Parent them in such a way that they become a blessing.” In saying so, he places a huge burden of unreasonable expectations on those parents, the unspoken expectations that go like this:

If your children do not grow up to be blessings, you did something wrong. You didn’t parent them in such a way that they became a blessing. You knew they weren’t blessings when they were young and now that they’re older they still aren’t blessings. You failed.

That’s not how parenting works, though, and it’s not the burden God places on us in the Bible……..

Click here to read the rest of this article… I promise you will be encouraged!


Thanks, Tim!

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