Getting to Know Us

We are a family of 7 that has been homeschooling for the past 20 years. I guess you could call us true veterans of the homeschooling scene. During our homeschooling years we moved four times and lived in three different states.

With five children it still amazes us that not one is the same. Each learned differently, enjoyed different subjects, and progressed at different paces. However, each has hiked this homeschooling trail and finished well.

Our oldest graduated from Seattle Pacific University and is teaching middle school math in the Seattle School District. Her sister graduated from The Master’s College with honors a year ahead of schedule and is employed with Nordstrom in Seattle.

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We also have three boys. Two of which started community college while still in high school. Our youngest is in his sophomore year of homeschooling high school before he joins their ranks to get his high school diploma and associates degree simultaneously.

2013 010Sports has always been an important part of our teenagers’ lives. We have competed in track, cross country, tennis, football, wrestling, and basketball. Our family has always played together since the children were born. We cheered them on in high school and college and we still have friendly pick up games whenever we are together.

Kathleen, after dabbling with many different curriculums, finally found that the family experienced the most joy in learning when she created her own Unit Studies based on good literature. Supplementing math textbooks with creative hands on learning kept everyone learning together and allowed them to move at a flexable pace through English, Writing, US History, World History, Science, Government and Social Studies.

Be on the lookout as Kathleen is working to rewrite these curriculums to incorporate more online resources. They will be available for you to instantly download in ebook form! Proverbs & Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is already available on Amazon.

As always we love to hear your comments regarding resources or posts. You can also visit Kathleen’s blog on faith and family at